Thrustmaster TX RMA Repair Experience

This is my experience with Thrustmaster’s technical support & repair department.

From start to finish, it took nearly three months (though admittedly, half a month was my fault).

March 3, 2017: I first e-mailed explaining that my wheel would disconnect randomly, often multiple times per lap, making it impossible to race online, and difficult to enjoy racing offline, especially in endurance races. I said it had been doing this since before the warranty ran out, which is true, but of course that’s my fault for not getting on this sooner. I was poop-outta-luck.

March 7: I was told to upload a video to a specific website, and was given a password along with the link.

March 22: I sent the video. Dang Google Inbox didn’t send the response to my inbox, and put it as low priority, so I hadn’t seen the message till two weeks later. Back to regular Gmail for me.

March 30: It took over a week for them to watch the video and get back to me. As expected, their recommendation was to ship it to them for repair. I e-mailed back that day asking if I could have a friend deliver it to them, as it’s located in Montreal. I also asked for a breakdown of the most common repairs and the costs associated with them, along with warranty info.

April 3: I was told it had to be shipped, as they didn’t have a front desk. There goes $30. I was also told that the most common repairs are as follows, and that they come with a 3-month warranty.
– Main PCB: $48
– Motor: $67.20
– Power supply: $72

April 7: Sent the wheel through Canada Post. I did not receive any sort of e-mail confirmation through Thrustmaster until I asked them on April 13 to confirm that they had received it. I asked for a timeline and was basically told “they’ll get to it when they get to it”, but in nicer words.

May 10: OVER A MONTH LATER. I e-mailed them asking what the status was, as I hadn’t even received a quote. It felt like I was reminding them that they had my wheel.

May 11: What a coincidence, they get to me the day after I remind them they have my wheel. There’s no way this was coincidence. They actually forgot about me. I got my quote: $151. More than I was hoping for, but it’s better than buying a new wheel. Below are what they say were faulty. Not sure why quick release cable was listed twice. I accepted the cost.
$79.20 – TX 458 MAIN PCB (previously they had said $48)
$60 – Repair processing fee – 9900001 (includes shipping)

May 17: I received a money request through paypal. I paid it right away.

May 25: My wheel arrived in the mail. I used it for nearly two hours that night without any disconnects.

Final Thoughts
Overall, I’m satisfied with the repair, but the length of time it took just seems unacceptable. The whole thing took nearly THREE MONTHS, and that whole month it took from when they got my wheel to when they gave me the quote was just ridiculous. I know I could’ve sped things along by calling, but I like to have everything in writing. The main PCB also cost $31 more than quoted, and I’m waiting to hear back why. I give the experience 2 1/2 stars out of five due to this. They only get stars because the wheel works as it should’ve in the first place.

My custom DIY standing desk

I built a standing desk this week and thought I might share it with the world. It was greatly inspired by this one which was featured on lifehacker, along with some other ideas.

I had a sitting desk with a hutch, but it didn’t have room for my two new monitors, so I decided to update my workspace. I decided a while ago that I wanted a standing desk at home, because if I use a computer at home, I don’t want to be sitting down anymore than I have to. I sit at work enough as it is, and need to do something to help my back. I came up with about a dozen different designs, and this one seemed like the best one based on my needs, value, and how my things would fit in it. My three monitor setup will be used mostly for video/audio/image editing, recording music, playing panoramic view racing games, and other various tasks.

I wasn’t planning on this, but I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that my keyboard fit perfectly underneath, and that I could play it standing up or sitting down. This freed up a section elsewhere in my room where I now have a tv with an N64, my guitar amp, and my electric acoustic guitar.

Much of the desk is from Ikea, and I’ll go over the different pieces here. I measures about 48 1/2″ high, 6’1″ wide, and 31″ deep.

The base is made out of two Expedit Series 2×2’s, and the top area is the Expedit 1×5 with the two centre dividers removed.

I put in a two drawer insert as well as a door insert and a couple of fabric drona boxes for organization and storage.

The three pieces making the desk are held together with some metal L-shaped brackets and some straight ones on the back (two per shelf). I got these at Home Depot, but they can be purchased at pretty much any hardware store.


I used a signum cable manager to put my power bar under the desk and out of the way, and a fixa kit to arrange the cables behind my desk (highly recommended kit).



The desk was too high for me to put a keyboard tray on top (it’s about 48 1/2″ off the ground), so I decided to get a keyboard tray from Staples, because the only one Ikea had was very low quality. The mouse area isn’t huge, but it’s perfect for me because I use a trackball mouse, which has greatly helped my wrists. I was skeptical of doing this at first because the desk is basically cardboard inside (like this \/\/\/\/\/\/\/) but it’s holding sturdy surprisingly well, even when I tested it out by putting some weight on the tray.


For late nights when I’m tired of standing, I decided to go with a drafting chair from Costco. Some bar stools or high office chairs would work too, but the chair I got seemed to be the best for comfort and height.

If anyone’s wondering, I got the Optimus Prime cutout back in the day when I worked at Wal-Mart. They were going to throw it in the cardboard compactor and I said no way! I got the Mustang Shelby GT 500 picture at a booth during the Toronto Auto Show.

If anyone has questions feel free to ask.




My 26th year.

The 26th year of my life was a lot of things, and it didn’t turn out how I wanted it to, but I believe that things happen for a reason and that God has better plans for me. Here’s a list that describes my year.

Started liking sushi
Was asked to be a guardian
Made a Sheldon Cooper costume for halloween
Never got to wear it because I got sick
Planned a wedding
Daydreamed about our future together
Played video games with my fiancé
Slept like a baby
Bought a guitar for my fiancé
Celebrated the new year at a coat check closet
Taught my fiancé how to play guitar
Got my heart broken
Prayed to God she’d come around
Cancelled a wedding
Cried myself to sleep
Prayed so God could help me understand
Barely slept at all
Lived through the hottest summer on record with no AC
Longboarded until my feet blistered
Played guitar until my fingers turned purple
Sang until my lungs felt numb
Played video games alone
Drank until I got sick
Regretted drinking at all
Called my mom to pick me up
Prayed to God to help me move on
Found out what true friends are
Found out I’m stronger than I thought
Started laughing again
Found out how much my family means to me
Saw my nephew take some of his first steps
Bought a GoPro
Went mountain biking
Went hiking
Edited some videos
Bought a canoe
Relaxed at the cottage
Had free ice cream at work
Went canoeing
Re-kindled friendships
Made new memories
Ate a lot of sushi
Started exercising more
Saw the light at the end of the tunnel…

…and now I’m making my way towards it.

First post. Oh the pressure!

Since I don’t actually have any ideas what to write in here yet, I’ll just say some random things that pop into mind. Most likely in the form of run-on sentences.

My popcorn machine is broken, and I need a new one, but I got it at Zellers, and Zellers is closing because Target is taking it over. Also, I can’t find the receipt….or just don’t want to bother looking for it. Let’s go with the later.

Here’s what happened.
I put the kernels in the popper, and turned it on. Looking down I noticed that there was a light on inside the popper. Hang on, since when is there a light in here? I don’t reca- oh…..oh wait it’s on fire. My popcorn machine is definitely on fire and I should turn it off. That was basically it. Turned it back on and it no longer produced the magnificent heat it once did to pop my kernels. No more popcorn dripping with butter on movie nights for me 😦.

Now for a timelapse I shot from my balcony!

And to finish things off, a hilariously cute baby.